Still not sure what we do? Here are a few questions we get when we talk about our work! Hopefully these answers help you get to know The Good Doctors and how we can help! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do?

We are research consultants. This means that we consult with small businesses and non profits about the serious issues facing their office and impacting their bottom line. We conduct research, analyze the data we collect, and provide you with solutions to your problems.

We offer online and in-person trainings, mini-courses, webinars, and white pages! You can find out more about what we do on our 'What We Do' page. 

what is research?

For us, research means asking questions. After speaking with you, we form a question that will help us find a solution to your cultural problem. Research is also gathering data and drawing conclusions based on that data. Like our favorite quote, "it's poking and prying with a purpose."

Conducting research into your particularly problem will allow us to poke and pry with a purpose so that we can find the solution. Making sure we get you the answers you need to your most pressing questions. 

what kind of research do we do?

We primarily use a form of research called qualitative. Qualitative research means a focus on speaking with human subjects. For this type of research we use first-person interviews and focus groups. We are trained to work with your employees or clients, to ask them the right questions to help you find the answers that will help your business. 

We are also able to use surveys and questionnaires. We use a combination of these methods so that we have many tools at our disposal to help each unique organization get the answers they need.

To read a sample case study about employee retention, click here.

All research is conducted ethically and reported anonymously, including the use of confidentiality and informed consent agreements. 

What is our process?

Our process depends on what is needed for each client. In general we like to start with a conversation. During the initial consultation call we talk to you about what you think the problem is and how we can help. 

Sometimes we will need to research (through articles, books, etc) the subject to find out what trends or decisions could be effecting your office. Then we determine the best combination of methods needed to collect data and analyze the key problems. 

This could mean we write a survey for your clients, or we set up interviews with your staff. Once we collect all our data, we analyze it and then present you with our findings. This usually means a report on what we found and what we recommend for you moving forward. 

how do we collect data?

This is a two-part process. We start by doing background research. This means that if you're having a problem with employee retention - we research recent reports and analysis of retention issues and trends. This information will help inform our consulting. 

The second part of the process is when we do specific research into your company, office, team, or culture. We might interview all your staff, we could look over important company documents, or look at your social media and marketing materials. 

During this process we collect as much information as possible so that we can understand your company and your problems. Collecting data is a huge part of being able to give you solutions at the end of our consultation.

How do we analyze data?

After we collect our data, we have to analyze all our information so that we can make our recommendations. In our data we look for patterns -- areas where certain words are repeated, or several staff members mention the same conflict. 

We look at both specifics and the big picture - covering every angle of your cultural problem. With our research training, we are able to read through large amounts of data, identify key patterns, and bring together the answers that make the most sense. 

What do you get when we're done?

A lot of people ask us what the results are from our consulting. In short, what do you get out of working with us? At the end of each project we will provide you with a complete report.

In this report you will have a summary of the research we conducted, as well as actionable and immediate solutions to your key problems. 

Our reports can include strategic plans, new org charts, team restructuring, ideas for office design, new reporting structures, and much more. Each report will be tailored to your organization and your needs. 


We often speak to people who aren't really sure why research is necessary or how it can help them. All our projects start with a conversation with both Dr. Donnelly and Dr. Hinson. After this conversation, we will help you distill your ideas down into a researchable question.

Maybe you aren't sure what the problem is with your office culture, but you know that people aren't engaged and productivity is down. We feel that bringing in outside eyes - people who aren't involved in the day-to-day drama - helps bring a fresh perspective. 

We also have 20+ years training in how to ask questions, how to analyze information, and how to identify practical solutions to tough problems. 

How do we run our workshops?

We believe in running interactive and engaging workshops. This means that we work to find a good balance between giving you information and getting you to talk, think, and work. 

We know that people learn differently - some work best through listening and processing, while others need to talk and problem solve.

We make sure that each workshop includes different learning abilities. We also make sure that every workshop has pragmatic and real takeaways - meaning you leave the room with several new ideas and helpful actions to improve your office culture. 

HOW do we choose our workshop topics?

We currently offer workshop packages on diversity and inclusion, conflict management, emotional intelligence, understanding bias, and gender issues at work. 

We offer these workshops because we feel they are the five topics having the biggest impact on company culture. We've done the research and we know these issues speak directly to your pain points. 

However, we also sell custom workshop packages on the topic of your choosing. We will work with you to develop the workshop topic, content, and outcome to best serve your needs. For more information on our half-day workshops click here. To learn more about our extended consultation workshop packages, click here. 

how much does it cost?

Our range of services have a range of prices. We run free Webinars and produce free White Papers. Our in-person training can cost as little as $750 and our 3-hour mini-course run for $450. Other pricing can be found on the pages for our specific services. 

All of our consulting packages are custom-built, and so the pricing is determined based on the size of project. However, one price point is guaranteed: we do not charge until an agreement is reached and we will not add more charges after the contract is signed. The first consultations to figure out if we can help are always complimentary.

Where do you work or where can i find you?

Our brick and mortar office is based in Philadelphia and Dr. Hinson works remotely from Pittsburgh, so we often work with clients in these metro areas. 

However, our speaking engagements take us all over the country. If you would like a workshop delivered to your company, team, or organization we would be happy to work with you. Travel expenses are built into our workshop/seminar/keynote costs. 

If you would rather work with us online - we can run workshops, webinars, and presentations through Zoom!

If you have any further questions, or want to chat about any of our services, just click the Contact Us button below!

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