What Is ``Research`` and why do I need it?

“Research”, in the way we talk about it, is asking questions, gathering data, and then drawing informed conclusions from that data.

Sometimes we think things are true, like that our customers don’t like our website, but we’re not sure. Gathering data to confirm or deny gut feelings leads to stronger decisions.

Employee satisfaction, for example, is a common question among leaders, but measuring it for each company requires bespoke finesse. That’s where Abbey Research comes in.

What Kind of Research Do You Do?

Abbey Research excels at qualitative research, but is also skilled at quantitative. That means we are best in interviews and focus groups, but are also able to use surveys and questionnaires.

The social science term for this flexibility is “mixed methods” and we find it serves the needs of our clients the best. This way, we have many tools at our disposal to help each unique organization get the answers they need.

To read a sample case study about employee retention, click here.

All research is conducted ethically and reported anonymously, including the use of confidentiality and informed consent agreements. 

I Don't Know What To Ask - How Can You Help?

We find most of our clients feel this way, so don’t worry! All projects start with a conversation with Dr. Donnelly, who will help you distill your ideas down into a researchable question.

Let’s say you know you are having trouble training volunteers in your non-profit, but you don’t know why or how to change. During the course of your complimentary consult with Dr. Donnelly, she will guide you to an answerable question that will provide rich data and a direct action plan at the conclusion of the project.

What Does This Cost?

As all of our projects are custom-built, so is our pricing. However, one price point is guaranteed: we do not charge until an agreement is reached. Initial consultations are complimentary.

Starting the process is as easy as filling out our contact form

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