Friyays: February 8

Friyays: February 8

Greetings from cold and rainy Philadelphia, where we are bracing for another cold snap! Hope your weather is more palatable than ours. I had a fabulous week of networking and meeting fellow leadership folks around our area, and I know Dr. H has done the same on her side of the state. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day, isn’t it? It’s important to take breaths and introduce yourself to new ideas. Here’s my little contribution to your breaths and pauses today. 

Rest in Peace, Fati

I have been a fan of Bravo’s Top Chef since season one and I’ve slowly dragged others into the fandom along the way. My husband and I were delighted by “cheftestant” a few seasons back named Fatima Ali. Fati, as she quickly became known, was not only an incredible chef, but a seemingly incredible person. Sardonic, yet kind, we were sad when she was eliminated, but absolutely horrified to hear of her subsequent cancer diagnosis. She passed away just a few weeks ago after a long fought battle, but had time to pen this essay before she left this mortal plane. Please read it and sit with the pain and the joy.

Evil Lurks Among Us

loathe Purdue Pharmaceutical. Loathe. Why? Because they are the manufacturers of OxyContin and they knew how addictive it was and they manipulated doctors and data to hide that fact. I hold them as one of the main architects of the epidemic we now find ourselves in, and so does the state of Massachusetts. I rarely actively root for the downfall of an entity, but this one I do. I want that family and those executives held accountable.

Brexit Marches On

So… Brexit is an omnishambolic cluster and will likely remain so. One of the things that continues to confound me is how few people outside of European leadership and the citizens of the island of Ireland seem to understand how important the backstop is. If you’re one of those folks, this article articulates it really well. 

Stacey Abrams, Georgia Politician and Romance Novelist?

If your introduction to Stacey Abrams was this past week during her SOTU response, you may not know that she’s been a public servant for a loooong time, and a good writer for long before that. Entertainment Weekly ran a profile on her during the gubernatorial race that elucidates that fact and is worth a read.

Accessibility on Broadway

You all know The Good Doctors are fans of expanding accessibility – to business, to public spaces, to arts, to life – and so I was deeeeeelighted when I saw this article in Slate covering autism-friendly performances of Disney’s Frozen.


So, that’s all kinda heavy with twinges of joy, so I thought I’d end today with some glorious music. Here is Audra McDonald singing one of my favorite modern standards, “Stars and Moon”


That’s all from ARHQ for this week. I’m off to Ft. Worth for the SOCMA/Chemical America trade show to moderate a panel on multi-generation workspaces and Dr. H will have Friyays duty next week. Until then! 

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