Friyays: June 15

Friyays: June 15

Hiya all! It’s Dr. Donnelly here with your Friyays coverage this week. For anyone who caught our HMT recap, you know that I’ve been traveling to one of our sister companies this week, in my capacity as member of the ownership team. Thus, I spent a lot of time reading on planes, and watching “hotel television” (the shows that you’d never watch with your own entertainment choices available, but gladly watch when in a Hampton Inn), and also conducting interviews for our new research project about harassment in the workplace. Below are some of the things I thought about and ran across this week – make sure to shoot us a message with yours

Meet the woman bringing a bookstore back to the Bronx

When the Barnes & Noble in the Bronx closed in Dec 2016, the borough was left without a general interest bookstore. As a fan of bookstores, and books in general, I was delighted when I ran across this story in Glamour about Noelle Santos, the woman who is fixing that. America runs on small business, and this one sounds particularly fabulous.

Embracing vulnerability

In this article from Entrepreneur, they make the point we at AR have been making since our inception: people crave authenticity, and those who harness it will rule the future.

Complications of exile

I was completely taken in by this story on NPR about women who leave ultra-orthodox Judaism (I’ve often read it as fundamentalist Judaism as well) and are embroiled in custody battles for their children. My heart broke for these women, who crave freedom both for themselves and for their children, and made me think of other mothers making similarly hard decisions around the world.

Measure your life in love

As a proud theater nerd and former theater kid, the Tony’s are my favorite awards show. I find theater to be magic, and musicals especially to be so, which should come as no surprise to any of you! This past week on the Tony’s, the HANDS DOWN BEST MOMENT was when the theater club of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school came out to sing the anthem of theater kids everywhere, “Seasons of Love” from Rent. Did I weep? You betcha.

Queen’s University student’s union closure

On an entirely personal note, the student’s union at The Good Doctors’ alma matter is closing down this week to make way for renovations. We spent many hours in that space with our colleagues and friends – especially at the Clement’s coffee shop! – and have grand memories. Some highlights include seeing both Lisa Hannigan and Frightened Rabbit in Mandela Hall, and watching some of the previous men’s World Cup games (back when America qualified… don’t get us started…) in the lounge. We hope this new space continues to serve students as well as the last one did.

Anything we didn’t cover that you think we should know about? As always, drop us a line and fill us in! Dr. Hinson will be back with you next week – and this time, she’ll be in Ireland! 

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