Friyays: March 8

Friyays: March 8

Happy International Women’s Day! While we celebrate women all day, every day, we want to acknowledge that this is a special day set aside to focus on the incredible achievements that often go unnoticed. We’re trying to rectify the unnoticed bit as best we can – with blogs and videos and social media spotlights and posts like this one. But we have so much more to do. In that spirit, my Friyays is lady focused. Here are five stories about women that make me grin.

Helen Mullholand: Making Whiskey and History

Bushmills is my favorite whiskey and I was over. the. moon to learn that their master distiller – Hellen Mullholand – is the first woman to be inducted into the Whiskey Magazine Hall of Fame. Describing Bushmills as a place to work, Mullholand said, “from the moment you walk through the distillery doors, the white-washed buildings, the stone buildings – it is love at first sight. It’s a magical, magical place. As folks who drink her whiskey and appreciate her craft, and have spent many afternoons taking family and friends to the distillery itself in Bushmills, Northern Ireland, we couldn’t agree more.

All Female Creative Team of Waitress

Waitress is one of my FAVORITE musicals. The story of a waitress in a pie shop in small town somewhere in America with an abusive husband and some best friends who dream of a better life for her. As she bakes her way through the musical, she meets a doctor who both complicates and frees up her life before she gets her happily ever after. It’s based on a movie that starred Keri Russel and Nathan Fillion, and boasts a score from Sara Barellis. Why it’s in this post is that it also has an entirely female creative team behind it.

If you ever get a chance to see this show, please take it. I watch a lot of theater and I can tell you this one feels special. There’s an energy in the scenes between Dawn, Becky, and Jenna that doesn’t quite exist in any other musical – even ones like Frozen and Wicked which are also about strong female relationships. This has sneakily become one of my top shows and I think the creative team has a lot to do with that.

Jessica Mendoza, Baseball Expert

The news came this week that champion softball player and current broadcaster Jessica Mendoza signed a deal with the Mets to consult with their front office. Don’t google it, because you’ll get the normal dredges of the internet yelling about how women can’t understand baseball, but remember her name. For she 100% understands baseball, is a crackerjack announcer, and definitely the future of the sport.


That acronym is how Twitter refers to the Irish bestselling phenomenon, Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling. Written by Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen, the first person narrative is about a very typical Irish girl, Aisling, as she navigates her life. A sequel was published last year, a movie is in the works, and nearly every Irish woman I know has read it. Recently, there was a discussion on Twitter about how the books get ignored because they’re not “important literature”, but that you can’t move in Dublin for seeing a copy in someone’s bag. So, the thread asked, what is “important literature”? Can’t it be stories where people feel seen, can escape their lives for a bit, and laugh so hard tears roll down their faces? I certainly don’t see why not. Aisling is all of my friends in one way or another and I know Dr. H agrees. We are HUGE fans of the work of these two ladies and are so grateful they’re giving voice to this important literature.

Here’s the authors telling us a bit more about our girl Aisling.

Women in Pastoral Leadership

According to the best data we can get, about 12% of church pulpits in the U.S. are occupied by women. Women, for the record , make up about 60% of church goers, so this proportion is a touch off. I have spent my entire adult life studying this disparity and do not plan on stopping any time soon. Every single Sunday, millions and millions of women roll up their sleeves and serve their local congregation and very, very few get any credit. Leadership is important and having women lead congregations is a necessity. I’m grateful for organizations like Baptist Women in Ministry that are leading the charge in promoting and preparing women, seminaries which do the same, churches who call women as their leaders, and women who bravely step forward into their call.

Mary Alice, Kendall, Natalie, Morgan, Julie, Amanda, Courtney, Elizabeth, Pam, Leanne, Mariah, Nadia, Sarah, Bethany… the list of women who I am lucky to call ‘friend’ and who lead congregations is long, but not long enough. We’ll get there, y’all.


In a completely non-women note, but something that brought me EXPONENTIAL JOY this week is that the Phillies signed Bryce Harper. Baseball is the best, and I am ready for another parade. Let’s Go Phils!

That’s all from me. Dr. H will be back next week – on Paddy’s weekend, no less! – to bring you her list of things you should know. Until then!




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