Friyays: September 7

Friyays: September 7

Greetings everyone! Dr. Donnelly here with your Friyays this week. I’ve been traveling this week for our parent company and am about to head off on a long overdue vacation next week, so my brain is a bit scattershot. Do you ever have weeks like that? 

Fly Eagles Fly

(American) Football is back! As we are in the home of the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles, that’s a particularly fun thing! Listen, we know that the sport and the league are both problematic and we totally understand people who have walked away. The Good Doctors are both still fans – albeit cautious ones – so I’ll be chanting #FlyEaglesFly this season as we head for our repeat.

The Importance of Asking Questions

This week, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland admitted she didn’t know even the most basic facts about the country before she took the job of running it. While this is a searing indictment of the Conservative Party of the U.K. and its behaviour towards Northern Ireland, it’s also not even the least bit surprising. That, however, is a rant for another time. For our purposes today, this demonstrates the importance of asking questions. Say you’re put in charge of something you don’t fully understand – it happens! Instead of blindly forging ahead with an agenda based on assumptions and other such things, ask questions.

How to Walk Away

My library borrow of the last trip was the completely delightful How to Walk Away by Katherine Center. Margaret’s life was going perfectly until she was part of a horrific plane crash. Forced to re-evaluate her life and her definition of happy endings, Margaret’s story is one that will stay with me for a while. Matched with the wonderful prose of Center, this book is one for your list.

Crazy Rich Asians

Y’all. If you have not seen this movie YOU MUST. It is gorgeous, fun, heartwarming, and the best romcom in at least a decade. I adored every damn minute and have even seen it twice. I do not see movies in theaters very often, and I think the last time I saw something twice in the theater was Inside Out. So. All I’m saying is that it’s amazing.

20 Years Later

It’s been two decades since the U.S. was introduced to the Boy Who Lived. I feel confident in saying that we are better for it. Not only do studies show that children who read the series are more empathetic and more dedicated to their callings than their non-reading peers, but I sometimes think the lessons we can all learn from Hogwarts are only just being revealed.

That’s it from ARHQ this week. Next week, Dr. Hinson will be back with her Friyays as I will be on vacation! Yeooooo! 

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