VAULT: [The Good Doctors Diagnose] GDD Collection, Early 2021

VAULT: [The Good Doctors Diagnose] GDD Collection, Early 2021

We’re welcoming in the new year with a few favorite GDD shorts from early 2021. Click through to watch the individual, original videos, or listen on for the full collection!

How to be Culturally Sensitive in a Global Economy
Critiquing Corporate Talking Points
Normalizing Female Warriors in ‘The Mandalorian’
Understanding is Not Condoning
We Can’t Have Unity Without Empathy and Inclusivity

Show Notes:

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Dr. Kristen and I are in constant search of locally owned bookstores. Since we spend so much time in Charleston, South Carolina these days for work, it’s no surprise that we visited Blue Bicycle Books on one of our recent trips. Located in historic downtown Charleston, BBB (as they call themselves) has a wide selection of reading material, from bestsellers to local history to rare used books and collectibles. You know Dr. K and I left with a tote bag full of gems. You can find more about this lovely store by visiting their website at

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