Happy Birthday Blog: Betty Williams

Happy Birthday Blog: Betty Williams

Betty Williams

Born: May 22, 1943

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Known For: Co-Winner of Nobel Peace Prize

After witnessing the death of 3 children in a shooting incident in Belfast in 1976, Betty started organizing a movement for peace during the height of the conflict in Northern Ireland. She eventually co-founded an organization called The Community for Peace People, which was a mixed religion organization that advocated for the end to violence in Northern Ireland.

Though the movement didn’t last past 1978, Betty and her partner Mairead Corrigan Macguire were awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace for 1976. Betty has spent her entire life working for organizations that promote peace, understanding, and women’s rights. In 2006, she became a co-founder of the Nobel Women’s Initiative together with the other 5 women to win Nobel Prizes. These 6 women use their experiences to talk about peace and justice around the world. Their goal is to strengthen and support the work being done for women’s rights around the world.

Betty is currently the Head of the Global Children’s Foundation, the President of the World Centre of Compassion for Children International. She lectures around the world on topics of peace, justice, inter-faith, and children’s rights.

For her amazing work in our beloved Northern Ireland and for women and children around the world, we wish Betty a very happy birthday!

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