Happy Birthday Blog: Eufrosina Cruz

Happy Birthday Blog: Eufrosina Cruz

Eufrosina Cruz

Born: January 1, 1979

Santa María Quiegolani, Oaxaca, Mexico

Known For: First indigenous woman to be elected President of the State Congress for Oaxaca. 

Welcome to The Good Doctors first Happy Birthday Card to historic women. We will be continuing these HBD posts throughout the year, both in blog form and social media posts, to help shine a light on the remarkable achievements of women past and present.

In today’s blog, we’re wishing a happy birthday to Eufrosina Cruz, a close contemporary of Dr. Donnelly and I, who is an activist for gender equality and the rights of indigenous women and communities. Cruz first experienced the discrimination of local traditional laws when she was prevented from participating in her home town elections because of her gender. As a result, she began her campaign for equal rights for women, but was met with strong opposition within her home state of Oaxaca, where local, traditional laws are given precedent over state and national laws.

In 2008, Cruz filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission. After the HRC ruled in her favor, the Mexican government amended the state constitution to allow for equal protection for women. Following this victory, Cruz founded the non profit Fundación Quiego to highlight the inequalities facing indigenous women. In 2010, she became a candidate for deputy of the local congress, and following electoral victory was elected to the office of the President. Cruz continues to speak about gender, development, and women leaders in Iberoamerica and was named one of Mexico’s most powerful women by Forbes México.

In leading the fight for gender equity and the recognition of indigenous women, Eufrosina Cruz certainly qualifies as a badass broad. The Good Doctors wish her a happy and healthy birthday!

Read more about Eufrosina here.



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