Happy Birthday Blog: Georgia Gilmore

Happy Birthday Blog: Georgia Gilmore

Today we’re celebrating a lesser known figure of the American Civil Rights Movement, Georgia Gilmore. Born on this day in 1920, Georgia founded the Club From Nowhere in Montgomery, Alabama in 1955. The Club – so named to keep the activists anonymous – baked goods in order to fundraise for the famous Montgomery Bus Boycott.

The organized action last 381 days and throughout the entire protest Georgia kept activists going by feeding them and fundraising by selling food. Georgia continued to work for the movement for several years and lived to be 70 years of age. When she died, she was baking food for the 25th anniversary of the Selma march. 

Though we don’t learn a lot about Georgia when we study the Civil Rights Movement, there are some good places to go for more information. In 2018, Georgia became the subject of the Pies from Nowhere book, so I’d start there if you want to learn more about her phenomenal contribution to American history.

Join us in wishing Georgia a very happy birthday!

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