Happy Birthday Blog: Gerty Cori

Happy Birthday Blog: Gerty Cori

Gerty Theresa Cori

Born: August 15, 1896

Prague, Czech Republic

Known For: Biochemist and Nobel Prize Winner

For today’s birthday blog, we’re celebrating a world renowned chemist! Gerty Cori had to fight for equal recognition as her husband, especially since they worked on many projects together.

Gerty moved to the US with her husband in the 1920s. Throughout her early career she struggled to earn the same salary and recognition as her husband, even though they had the same qualifications and successes. They often collaborated on their research because of their mutual interest in preclinical sciences.

In 1947, they shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology with Bernardo Alberto Houssay. The Cori’s earned the award for the “discovery of the cause of the catalytic conversion of glycogen.” After they received the award, Gerty was made full Professor of Biochemistry.

The Cori’s also have the Cori Cycle named after them – which helped to understand how cells use food and covert it to energy through a cyclical process in the muscles.

Gerty was diagnosed with bone marrow disease shortly after the won the Nobel Prize and died a decade later. She struggled to receive posthumous recognition, and she wasn’t elected to the National Academy of Science until 8 years after her husband.

For her contribution to biochemistry, we salute and celebrate Gerty!

You can learn more about Gerty here.

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