Happy Birthday Blog: Lee Krasner

Happy Birthday Blog: Lee Krasner

Lenore “Lee” Krasner

October 27, 1908

Brooklyn, New York, New York

Known For: Abstract Expressionist painter

Continuing our coverage of lesser known artists, up in today’s birthday blog is Lee Krasner. An influential and important painter in her own right, for most of her life (and legacy) she is known for her marriage to fellow painter Jackson Pollock. She was even listed in a gallery showing as “Mrs. Jackson Pollock” instead of her real name. Though much attention was heaped on her late husband, recent exhibitions are starting to change the narrative.

As always, I like to include the voice of the birthday bad ass when possible. So I’ll leave you with Lee in her own words:

If you want to learn more about Lee, you can find info here.

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