Happy Birthday Blog: Matilde Montoya

Happy Birthday Blog: Matilde Montoya

Matilde Petra Montoya Lafragua

Born: March 14, 1859

Mexico City, Mexico

Known For: First Female Physician in Mexico

For today’s HBDLadies blog, the Good Doctors are sharing their love for lady doctors and saluting the first female physician in Mexico!

Initially, Matilde worked as midwife, but she became one of the first women to ever attend medical school in Mexico and earned her doctorate in 1887. She faced a lot of opposition during her education, with the school and program managers attempting to withhold her degree and stop her from completing it. On several occasions she wrote to the President of Mexico to intervene on her behalf.

Even after graduating, other physicians tried (and failed) to have her accreditation withheld. Despite all this opposition, she still became a leading physician in the fields of gynecology, obstetrics, and pediatrics.

She also worked to further women’s rights through activism in several organizations. She belonged to a group of 27 female doctors that belonged to a long list of feminist organizations in Mexico. These women and organizations were a large part of the feminist movement in Mexico at the turn of the 20th Century.

For all her work to advance the cause of women, especially in the medical fields, we wish Matilde a very happy birthday!

Learn more about her here.

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