Happy Birthday Blog: Qiu Jin

Happy Birthday Blog: Qiu Jin

Born: November 8, 1875

Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China

Known For: Revolutionary, Feminist

It’s harder to find a more badass broad from history than the Chinese revolutionary and feminist Qiu Jin. From a young age, Qiu began to invest in understanding women’s issues. She studied in Japan where she learned more about women’s rights. When she returned to China in 1906 she founded the Chinese Women’s Journal and began to encourage women to resist their normal gender roles.

She eventually became convinced that the best future for women lay in a more Western-style government. This is when she began to work with several revolutionary organizations. She would join forces with her cousin Xu Xilin to consolidate these revolutionary groups. She often spoke openly about women’s rights, including the freedom to marry, the right to education, and the abolition of the foot-binding practice.

Sadly, both Xu and Qiu were discovered by the government and executed days apart in 1907. However, her legacy in China and around the world has continued well past her death. She is viewed in China as a symbol of women’s independence, and memorialized throughout the country.

We salute Qiu for her sacrifice for women’s rights and celebrate her legacy!

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