Happy Birthday Blog: Wisława Szymborska

Happy Birthday Blog: Wisława Szymborska

Maria Wisława Anna Szymborska

Born: July 2, 1923

Kórnik, Poland

Known For: Jewish Poet and Nobel Laureate

We love highlighting women who aren’t well known here at Abbey Research! Though Wisława is a poet superstar in her native Poland, she didn’t really reach international acclaim until 1996, when she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. She lived most of her life in Krakow and after university she worked as an editor and columnist.

Starting her education before World War II, she was forced to continue her courses in underground classes during the war. Her poems are noted for their wit, irony, and deceptive simplicity. She often wrote from different perspectives, for example, writing once as a cat in a newly empty apartment after the death of its owner.

Though she died in 2012, her poetic legacy continues and on the anniversary of her birthday, we salute her!

You can learn more about Wisława here.


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