Hot(ish) Takes – Ulster Rugby Rape Trial

Hot(ish) Takes – Ulster Rugby Rape Trial

WARNING: If rape, sexual assault, or sexual violence are triggering for you, please watch this video with care and caution. 

Hello from our proverbial soapboxes! In our Hot(ish) Takes, Dr. Donnelly and I spend a few minutes unpacking an important issue that we’ve been thinking and talking about. In light of Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month in April, we are taking some time to talk through a recent rape trial that took place in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

In the video, we discuss what we found particularly upsetting about the trial’s proceedings and outcomes, and some reflections on big picture issues like rape culture, patriarchy, misogyny, and cultural perceptions of gender and gender-based violence in Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK. These issues effect all of us in all work spaces and personal spaces and they are very important to the Good Doctors.

We understand that many people are participating in conversations and working to change how rape and assault are reported, prosecuted, and discussed in cultures around the world. We applaud that work and add our voices to the calls for change. This video is our professional thoughts on a very difficult, complex, and sensitive topic. As always, if you have resources to share, please do so below, and if you need someone to talk to, we’re here to listen.

We would also like to share educational and informational resources about all related issues discussed in the video:

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