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community education 

the good doctors diagnose

In this video series we select case studies we can learn from and we 'diagnose' the key problems. We also use our love of all things pop culture to take lessons from the worlds of fiction and apply them to the real worlds of business, relationships, and culture.

welcome to my world

Dr. Kristen loves to learn and loves to talk to new people. She's combining those loves for our latest interview webseries. Join her as she asks people what makes their world, what inspires them, what drives them.

abbey research reads

We read so many books we created a separate YouTube channel for ARR! Follow the link to see all the lovely books we recommend - each review focuses on what we learned about empathy and inclusivity, as well as our trademark wit!

hot(ish) takes

We're not fans of hot takes on issues. Instead, we prefer to do some research, reflect, and sort our thinking before hitting 'record' to share our thoughts. We dish all our (reflective) gossip on everything from Rachel Hollis and Britney Spears to USA Women's Gymnastics. 

cultural analysis 

the handmaid's tale

We're captivated and infuriated by Hulu's award winning adaptation of Margaret Atwood's master work The Handmaid's Tale. We've gone episode by episode, looking specifically at narratives of religion and imprisonment ... so put the kettle on and settle in. 

the crown

Netflix's The Crown is a gorgeous piece of drama - but does it do justice to the woman behind the crown, the family, and the history?Join us as we discuss episode by episode the events covered in all four seasons of the show.


As huge fans of Romance books and the Netflix smash success, we're keen to explore feminism, gender, race, diversity, family, and love in Regency England. Join us for a critical discussion of the romance genre, and Bridgerton's adaptation of it!

streaming content

We will talk about pretty much anything you can find on an online streaming service. Head on over for reviews of shows like Derry GirlsGLOWUnbelievable, and Mrs. America; plus loads of films and documentaries!

heritage and history months

Officially designated (or not) history and heritage months are a great opportunities to explore different peoples and cultures. Follow us through 2020 and into 2021 as we explored everything from Hispanic Heritage Month (real) to Danish Heritage Month (made up)!

hallmark christmas movies

We are fans of happily ever afters, so we've decided to chat about one of America's biggest collections of them - Holiday Movies! Join The Good Doctors as we lovingly snark on the insane amounts of garland, empty coffee cups, cringy dialogue, and swoony kisses.

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