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We love to watch TV, films, and documentaries. Since we never turn off our brains, we spend a lot of time finding lessons in our favorite art forms so that we can share them with our viewers. Here's a roundup of where you can find our pop culture conversation starters.

The Handmaid's Tale

We're captivated and infuriated by Hulu's award winning adaptation of Margaret Atwood's master work The Handmaid's Tale.

As Dr. Hinson is an expert in experiences of imprisonment and Dr. Donnelly is an expert in religion and women, this show is a perfect blend of The Good Doctors' brains.

We've gone episode by episode, so put the kettle on and settle in. See you over on YouTube!

What people are saying ...


Can't tell you how much your weekly analyses of this series have meant; you've annotated each episode with extraordinary historical/anthropological (and Christian doctrine-specific) facts, and taught me so much. Abbey Research has truly raised the bar in the post-show dialog.


I watch several re-cappers and this channel really stands out. To have the social and religious aspects pointed out and explained adds a lot of depth to the story ... There's also a certain irony in two intelligent and educated women discussing the show that is really enjoyable. Thank you for your reviews, they are appreciated.


A complex analysis of this season, examining the many nooks and crannies. Much gratitude. This discussion is especially illuminating, added to all of the others, which are the best ones available to the fan base.

The Crown 

Netflix's The Crown is a gorgeous piece of drama - but does it do justice to the woman herself?

Join us as we discuss episode by episode the events covered in all four seasons of the show.

The show also gives us a great chance to talk about all the issues facing women in positions of leadership. 

What people are saying ...


I'm rewatching this series so I can follow along with your videos. Enjoy your discussions. 


I am here with you again! This series is absolutely fascinating. Per normal I missed a lot of the nuanced moments, but thank goodness for you both.


I stopped watching the show in the second episode, and yet I keep watching the recaps here. 

Online Streaming Content

This playlist covers a whole host of pop culture content. Filling in time between our regular shows - we found sitcoms, dramas, films, and documentaries of interest. 

We talk about pretty much anything you can find on an online streaming service.

Head on over for reviews of shows like Derry Girls, GLOW, Unbelievable, and Mrs. America; plus loads of films and documentaries!

Join us in 2021 for coverage of much more fantastic and engaging content!

What people are saying ...


I just saw "Derry Girls" yesterday on Netflix and loved it. Thank you for explaining about the conflict. My husband assumed it was a religious war. 


A fascinating review of our Netflix documentary "ReMastered - The Miami Showband Massacre" by #TheGoodDoctors and well worth watching. 


GLOW is Amazing.  Lovely to see the Good Doctors reviewing something that isn`t just a slog through (gorgeously shot) distilled human misery for a change!  Looking Very Much Forward to this series.

History and Heritage Months

We love learning about differently cultures, heritages, and histories; so much so, we've made a dedicated playlist.

Over the years, we've celebrated select commemorative months - from Black History Month and Pride Month to Hispanic Heritage Month and Indian Culture Month. Representation matters, and we love using our YouTube platform to give space to the diversity of global voices we can find.

We've got an exciting and diverse list of months (both real and made-up) to cover in 2021!

Hallmark Christmas Movies 

Predictable, yes. Delightful, usually.

We are fans of happily ever afters here at Abbey Research, so we've decided to chat about one of America's biggest collections of them - Hallmark Holiday Movies!

Join The Good Doctors as we lovingly snark on the insane amounts of garland, empty coffee cups, cringy dialogue, and swoony kisses.

More movies coming in Fall/Winter 2020!

What people are saying ...


Can't wait for the videos about Hallmark movies!!


I'm looking forward to the Christmas movies. I'm excited to hear your take on the most traditional of the holiday films, particularly the Christmas Carol, and how women have been historically been portrayed in our holiday myths.

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