The Myth of Mary and Martha


Ladies Who Lead: Kingdom Edition


Do you consider yourself a Christian woman in some position of leadership? This could be as a Sunday School teacher, as a COO of a marketing firm, a lawyer for a non-profit, a mother; honestly, the possibilities are endless. When we say “Women in Ministry”, it tends to be shorthand for “Senior Pastors”, but there are so many of us who are serving the Kingdom every day, armed with training, passion, and a calling, who rarely (if ever!) set foot in a pulpit.

We’ve been sold this myth that we all should be Mary’s (docile and calm) instead of Martha’s (shrewish harpies) but all parts of that are myths. Women contain multitudes and let’s celebrate that, eh?

Let’s deconstruct this idea that women must be both completely meek and completely in control, and “bossy” being translated to “sinner”. Let’s talk about benevolent patriarchy and making room at the table for everyone. Let’s lean on in to pragmatic empathy and walk away from performances of perfection. I can’t wait to learn together.



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