Selling Summer Fridays: Building Brands Through Identifying Trends

Selling Summer Fridays: Building Brands Through Identifying Trends

Image Credit: Venture Marketing

This Summer we’ve already discussed the growing trend of Summer Fridays, as well as presenting the argument for a shorter work week. With the increase in jobs offering this perk to their employees over the past few years, it’s no surprise that other businesses are capitalizing on the idea through their marketing campaigns.

On this blog we often discuss the impact of social media on businesses and corporations, and the case of Summer Fridays is no different. As the hashtag Summer Fridays has gained in popularity on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram – businesses are tapping into the trend to build on their brand and identify new customers.

From local bars, to beer brands and even airlines – companies are targeting marketing campaigns towards those white-collar workers who are spending fewer and fewer summer Fridays in their office. See the above add from transportation service Uber and #LeinieFriday campaign from Leinenkugel below. The music application Spotify has even developed a Summer Fridays playlist to attract more visitors to their service.

Image Credit: The Cyphers Agency

What do these marketing campaigns teach us about branding in the digital age? Primarily, they demonstrate the necessity for marketing and advertising plans which reflect growing trends, and are also in tune with the latest methods of communication. Are you struggling to identify new customers or grow your business impact? Make sure that your marketing campaign is up to date with the latest market analyses and is utilizing all possible platforms to engage with potential consumers.

If more and more people are not in the office on a Friday afternoon, they could be using your product or visiting your business. Having a savvy marketing plan and understanding the best and most effective ways to communicate with your customers will certainly help get them from the office to your front door.

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