SMART Goals 2020 – Setting ‘Achievable’ Goals

SMART Goals 2020 – Setting ‘Achievable’ Goals

Us: Hey Paul! What do you have planned for 2020?

Paul: I’m going to climb Mount Everest!

Us: Wow, that sounds like a big goal! How long have you been climbing? 

Paul: Haven’t started yet. 

Us: Oh. 

Paul: It’s going to be a brand new adventure! 

Us: Uh … are you sure you can make that happen this year? 

Paul: Definitely! All those Instagram posts tell me I can do whatever I set my mind to!

Us: *takes sip of coffee as to not laugh directly in Paul’s face* Well, good luck. 

How many of you think that Paul will climb Everest? Because all research points to the idea that he won’t. Not only will he not do it this year, he’s not likely to do it ever. This is because the goal is far too big, too obtuse, too… out of reach. It will remain a dream and not a goal unless he breaks it into achievable components. 

We’ve covered how goals need to be specific and measurable, and now we want to address that they have to actually achievable. This may seem like common sense – why set goals for ourselves that we could never achieve? And yet, we all seem to do it all the time! It’s why many resolutions are broken. 

To decide if something is achievable, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Do I have the knowledge/skills to make this happen or do I need further training? 
  • Do I have the resources necessary for this – either personnel or financial?
  • Do I have the time necessary to execute this? 


For someone who has been climbing for 20 years, has climbed several difficult mountains already, and has all the supplies necessary, climbing Everest this year is a potentially achievable goal. For Paul? Absolutely not. 

So when you’re working on your goals for 2020, don’t be Paul – ask yourself the above questions and make sure to set goals that you can achieve. 

A more achievable goal for Paul would be to start taking climbing lessons. 

Other quick achievable goals:

  • Learn to use a new graphic design software by Quarter 2.
  • Sign contracts with 3 new clients by June.
  • Start a planning committee for the 5 year anniversary party in October.
  • Learn conversational German with Duolingo for the company trip to Berlin in May.


Join us next time, when we’ll cover the importance of having goals that are relatable. See you then!


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