SMART Goals 2020 – Setting ‘Measurable’ Goals

SMART Goals 2020 – Setting ‘Measurable’ Goals

Last week, we talked about “specific” goals and this week we’re going to talk about “measurable.” The pair go hand-in-hand. To make something measurable, it means there should be data points attached to your goal. In other words? Numbers. Use numbers. 

Don’t just say “more” or “less” or “some”, be specific so that you can track your progress and actually know if you’ve achieved something! “Watch less television” becomes “designate one day a week as the no-television night.” “Spend more time with family” becomes “have family board game night once per month.” “Be more organized” becomes “spend the final afternoon of the month each month cleaning and organizing office.”

You see how much more achievable these all seem now? It’s not just an intangible thing, it’s real and you can understand how to get there. 

Other quick measurable goals: 

  • Go to the gym 60 times by July 1.
  • Only spend 1 hr on Twitter per day – set timer. 
  • Speak at events 3 times per month.
  • Make sure there is 1 new customer in the sales pipeline every month.

That’s all for “measurable”. We’ll be back next week for “achievable”!


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