SMART Goals – Setting ‘Timely’ Goals

SMART Goals – Setting ‘Timely’ Goals

We believe that a great rule of thumb is that if there are things you need to accomplish in order to make a goal happen, make those things your goals. This is also helpful for thinking about long-term planning a different way. If your BIG goal is something that will happen on a longer time scale (a few years from now), your short-term goals would be the tasks you need to complete now, to start you on the path to completing that long-term goal. 

Goals must be timely to be feasible. Otherwise, even if you’re not a major procrastinator by nature or someone who works best on deadlines (Dr. Kristen waves to all you fellow deadline lovers), your brain will tell you it’s not something that has to be worried about now and so the tyranny of the immediate will continue to rule your to-do list. 

An example of a not-timely goal would be: “ship 5k units by the end of 2025.” That’s more of a visionary goal – a huge, audacious, grand thing you can all be shooting towards, but a goal for 2020 would be the steps in that process that need to happen to get you there. Do you need to have the unit in research and development? Do you need to broker deals with online retailers? Do you need to sort international shipping requirements? Etc, etc, etc. 

Some quick timely goals are:

  • Review and revise all family leave policies by the end of January.
  • Perform a social media impact analysis during Quarter 1.
  • Research new options for shipping product and pick the best deal by January 15th.
  • Attend 3 new networking events in January. 


As you launch yourself and your organization into 2020, we not only wish you all the best, but we hope you can keep the goals Strategic, Measurable, Achievable, Relatable, and Timely. 

If you would like more help from The Good Doctors on your SMART goals, you can head to this site and download our FREE Goal Setting Workbook!


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