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We believe that words have power. For years, we have been speaking to groups, organizations, and communities around the world (online and in person). We give talks in any format - from TED Talk style presentations to keynote address. Through the power of our words, we know we can make a difference.

Below you can check out what we've been up to and how we can help your community practice empathy and inclusion!

Speaking Highlights

We're always looking for new and exciting speaking opportunities.

Whether in academic spaces or for business folks, here's the latest speaking highlights from The Good Doctors. 

The Big Talk Academy Virtual Showcase

In January 2021, Dr. Kristen appeared as the Act One Finale speaker for Tricia Brouk's The Big Talk Academy Virtual Showcase. 

In a TED-style talk titled 'The Failure of Tolerance' Dr. Kristen challenged all attendees to think about the practice of radical hospitality, and how tolerance is damaging our ability to be truly inclusive. Check out her inspirational video! 

If this topic sounds valuable for your community, get in touch today!

Public Art + Dissent: Art, Protest, and Public Spaces

In November 2020, Dr. Erin was asked to speak about her expertise on public art in Northern Ireland in the National Consortium for Teaching About Asia Mini-Course for K-12 Educators. 

Dr. Erin enjoyed a fantastic discussion after her hour long presentation on the use of loyalist public murals as a means of dissent. 

Engaging with educators across a spectrum of fields is a meaningful part of her work at Abbey Research!

What We Talk About

If you like what you see above, we'd be happy to speak at your organization! We have honed our skills at a few select topics but we can tailor our talk to suit the needs of your community. From any format, to in-person or online, we love to share our expertise and make an impact on communities around the world. 

We speak on these subjects:         

  • Inclusion and Empathy
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Boundary Setting and Self-Care
  • Gender Issues at Work

We speak in these formats:            

  • TED Talk Style Videos and Stages
  • Lunch & Learns, Webinars, and Workshops
  • Conferences and Keynote Addresses

Interested in having The Good Doctors speak to your community? 

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