The Good Doctors present their Unlearning Exhaustion Workshop ...

... because you're exhausted & you should blame the Puritans.

Meet The Good Doctors 

We have a collection of degrees, and a lot of 'real world' experience that tells us humans are complicated, history is messy, and we can all make tiny changes to Earth by asking questions, listening to and learning from others, and giving everyone a bit more space to be human. 

Dr. Kristen lives outside Philadelphia with her husband, where they are surrounded by piles of books and several video game consoles. Dr. Erin lives in Pittsburgh with her Mum and cat, where they share a love of British TV shows, gardening, and gin cocktails. 

Each Workshop Includes

The content of the workshops depends on their lengths -- but regardless of how long we spend with you, every one of our facilitations will have these key features. 

  • Interactive Diversity Bingo
    Before we can learn a new method of boundary setting, we need to take some time to understand what we, and others, think and feel about setting boundaries.  
  • Unpacking American Work Culture
    We're all trained to work and stay trapped in a damaging model of work. We'll tell you the origin story of this model, and how we can break out of it. 
  • A New Way of Working
    This is one of our most popular speaking/teaching topics and we've honed an easy to digest and applicable set of steps to help you build better boundaries and find rest. 

Want to learn more?

Check out this episode of The Good Doctors Diagnose LIVE where we explain more about why it's the Puritans fault. 

what our participants are saying

Great presentation and very fun. They are super animated and grab your attention and keep it the entire session. 

participant feedback 
Unlearning Exhaustion Workshop

I recently had the pleasure of engaging Kristen and Erin for a workshop at our company's annual team event. Kristen and Erin have a wonderful rapport with each other and the audience. The 90 minutes flew by, filled with interesting, entertaining and educational takeaways. I would highly encourage anyone to consider bringing these two professionals into their fold. Thank you both for a great session!

julie golden
Square 2 Marketing 

Multi-model approach to learning! Interesting, fun and interactive. Challenges traditional beliefs and encourages critical thinking. 

participant feedback
Unlearning Exhaustion Workshop 




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