Webseries We Produce

We love our YouTube Channel and all our awesome subscribers! Producing video content is a great way to share our ideas and enthusiasm! Below you can learn more about our two streams of webseries - keep clicking to learn more!

Community Education

With our academic training, we can train our keen eyes to any cultural happening. We believe there are business (and life) lessons in every medium. We use our business analysis stream to share our insights, comment on current affairs, and discuss important topics.

Featuring our Good Doctors Diagnose, Abbey Research Reads, Hot(ish) Takes, and our new interview series Welcome to My World - we produce weekly video content that will educate and engage!

Each video has our trademark wit, as well as concrete takeaways and pragmatic tips!

Cultural Analysis

We are voracious consumers of TV, film, documentaries, and podcasts. These forms of art tell us a lot about how we see our culture and how communities are represented.

In our Pop Culture playlists, you'll find everything from episode-by-episode analysis of the biggest shows - The Handmaid's Tale, The Crown, Bridgerton, and Derry Girls.

We also build our empathy (and yours) through our History and Heritage Months playlist - exploring cultures, traditions, and experiences from around the world!

We educate and empower inclusive communities

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