What We Do

Want to know what services The Good Doctors offer? Below you will find a complete list of what we do and what we can do for you!

In both our online and in-person services we follow our 4 step process of consulting. Whether we're talking about The Handmaid's Tale or delivering a workshop, we always ask tough questions, analyze complex information, see the big picture, and produce actionable results. 

Conversations We Have

As best friends and business partners, we love to talk! In our business focused series we talk about everything from engagement and retention to millennials, bias, and strategic planning. In our pop culture analysis, we've covered Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale, Netflix's The Crown, lots of other streaming content both fiction and non-fiction!


In these videos, we break down big buzzwords, talk through key cultural problems, and rant about TV nonsense. If this sounds like your jam, hop on over to YouTube!

White Papers We Write

We take our research and writing experience and turn it towards the most pressing issues facing businesses and organizations.

Click the button below to get our FREE white papers on key topics like bias, employee engagement, gender, Millennials and much more!


Our white papers are right on the pulse of your business needs, and our research and insights are one click away!

Webinars We Host

Concerned about employee engagement? Worried about implicit bias? Strategic planning keeping you up at night?

We host regular webinars on a range of topics. They are free and geared toward management and leadership at all levels.

If you give us 30 minutes of your time, we'll send you away better informed and better able to solve key problems plaguing your office culture! 

Courses We Teach

We know there are a lot of business headlines talking about ideas you might not be aware of or feel comfortable with.

If you prefer to learn on your own, we also use our experience and expertise to teach online, self-directed courses.

Give us anywhere from 3 to 14 hours and you'll leave each course with methods to make more money, keep happy employees, avoid conflict, and meet every challenge!

Research We Conduct

We both believe it is important to ask and answer tough questions. In our research projects, we use a range of methods to organize information and get to the heart of each question.

Our projects tackle the pressing issues facing the business world - from managing Millennials to gender-based discrimination and harassment.

Do you have a question about your industry, but you're not sure how to answer it? We would love to help!

Workshops We Present

We present workshops on a wide range of topics to groups around the country and in our backyard.

We offer set workshop packages on diversity and inclusion, emotional intelligence, employee engagement, unconscious bias, and more.

However, we can also create a custom package for your organization - tailored to your needs, goals, and outcomes.

Consulting We Offer

If you're ready to take the big leap and bring in consultants - we offer a range of packages, customized to meet your needs.

We are equipped to answer any question or solve any problem. Our consulting services include background research, on-site evaluations and interviews, and detailed reports.

What about results? We provide direct solutions to your immediate problems, and include follow-up support to make sure you are primed to succeed. 

Saving the workplace one hard (and healing) conversation at a time

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