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All you have to do is look at our airline miles to know that we love to travel for work! Speaking to new audiences in new parts of the city, state, country, and world is one of our favorite perks as researchers!

Check out our current list of where we've been!

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One of our core company values is service. We believe that extends beyond serving our clients to the world at large. We are experts in a range of areas - and we speak about our expertise at conferences, workshops, seminars, and meetings. 

Below is our updated list of common topics and recent speaking engagements. From academic conferences to podcasts - come find out where we are! 

And if we can help out with your project or speak at your conference, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Dr. Kristen and Dr. Erin speak regularly about empathy, emotional intelligence, gender, conflict and trauma, multi-generational workspaces, and diversity and inclusion. 


Dr. Donnelly (click here for her speaker bio) specifically talks about her leadership journey in a family owned company, especially as the first woman executive. She also speaks about her background in cross-cultural leadership development, and how religion and gender affect people’s lives.


Dr. Hinson specifically talks about imprisonment experiences in Northern Ireland, understanding people and culture through art, methods of conflict management, strategies for managing introversion, and working with introverts.

Where We've Been!

The Big Talk Podcast

Dr. Donnelly spoke with Tricia Brouk about The Failure of Tolerance and what it means to practice radical hospitality!

Equity and Justice in Thrive Global

Also in April, Dr. Donnelly spoke with Tricia Brouk for Thrive Global. It's a wide-ranging conversation on equity and health. 

Natfluence interview

Moving to April, NatFluence profiled Dr. Donnelly on their site and she got to talk about curiosity as a superpower!

Heavily Meditated podcast

Also premiering in March is Dr. Donnelly's conversation on love and inclusivity on the Heavily Meditated podcast!

the other side of potential podcast

Dr. Donnelly is often invited on to podcasts from around the world. In March, she spoke with Dr. Sharon Spano about diversity, inclusivity, and community!

The Big Talk Virtual Showcase

To start 2021, Dr. Donnelly was delighted to present for The Big Talk Academy's Virtual Showcase. Her talk 'The Failure of Tolerance' was a smash success - so watch it above!


In November 2020, Dr. Hinson got to share her love of murals, Northern Ireland, and history with the National Consortium for Teaching About Asia. You can watch her fabulous talk above!

Guest lecturing at Pitt

Also in October, Dr. Hinson taught in two classes for Dr. Tony Novosel's history class on Northern Ireland. She sat on a panel of experts as well as teaching a separate class with another engaging group of students.

PANO 2020 collaborative conference

Dr. Donnelly is a frequent speaker at the Pennsylvania Association of NonProfits annual conference. In October 2020, she gave the virtual workshop 'Why Your Diversity Initiative Is (Probably) Useless.'

Common purpose Q&A Workshop

In July, Dr. Donnelly spoke with her colleagues at Common Purpose. In an online workshop she answered questions about emotional intelligence and leadership. 

Guest lecturing at Pitt

Two weeks later, Dr. Hinson taught for Dr. Novosel's Loyal Rebels history class. With the state in lockdown, she taught via Zoom to an enthusiastic, if virtual, student group.

Guest lecturing at Pitt

At the start of March, Dr. Hinson returned to her bi-annual speaking engagement for Dr. Tony Novosel's history class at the University of Pittsburgh. She taught for over an hour and then led a lively Q&A session.

Power of No Workshop

At the end of February, The Good Doctors hosted a workshop on personal and professional boundary setting in Doylestown, PA.

4 Corners festival - belfast, ni 

They were in Belfast to participate in the 4 Corners Festival, which Dr. Donnelly is closely involved in. They attended events throughout the week and left inspired for another year!

prisons memory  workshop

The end of January had The Good Doctors in Belfast for work. They participated in a fantastic Prisons Memory Archive workshop the day they landed - right in Dr. Hinson's research area!

Guest lecturing at Pitt

To start 2020, Dr. Donnelly lectured for Dr. Tony Novosel's 'Ireland's Loyal Rebels' History course at the University of Pittsburgh in January. 

Urban promise fellows meeting

Also in November, Dr. Donnelly spoke to the Urban Promise International Fellows about leadership. Dr. Donnelly is a board member for the non profit and works with the organization throughout the year. 

Guest lecturing at Pitt

To kick-off November, Dr. Hinson returned to her bi-annual speaking engagement for Dr. Tony Novosel's history class at the University of Pittsburgh. She taught for over an hour and then led a lively Q&A session.

research publication

Into October, Dr. Hinson celebrated the publication of an article in the latest edition of the Global Discourse online journal. This article shares some findings from her PhD research subjects. 

Salvation Army regional meeting, Part 2

To close out September, Dr. Donnelly presented two workshops to the Army's regional meeting in Wausau, Wisconsin. At this meeting, she spoke about diversity and inclusion and boundary setting.  

Salvation Army Regional Meeting

In a busy travel period for Abbey Research, Dr. Donnelly travelled from PANO to Scranton, PA to deliver two workshops to the Salvation Army's Regional Meeting about diversity and inclusion and conflict management.

D&I in Non profit spaces

Later in the month, Dr. Donnelly spoke about diversity and inclusion at the  PANO's 'Putting the Unity in Community' Annual Conference in State College, PA. She was delighted to speak alongside Amer Al Fayadh from CWS.

Ellevate leadership lunch

To start September, Drs. Kristen and Erin presented on the challenges with diversity and inclusion at a Leadership Lunch for the Philly Chapter of the Ellevate Network. 

sociology in practice

The Good Doctors spoke twice at the American Sociological Association Annual Conference in NYC this August. They presented on Abbey Research during a roundtable discussion and gave a talk on their ongoing coverage of The Handmaid's Tale. 

art & community in prison

In June 2019, Dr. Hinson spoke at the Institutions in Irish History Conference held at the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland in Belfast about part of her PhD research.  

women in business year end social

In this picture, Dr. Donnelly is joined by Jenny Salisbury, the in-coming co-chair and Angela Fonde, the out-going co-chair at the Women in Business Committee Year End Social in May 2019.

Board Member for Urban Promise

This April, Dr. Donnelly was honored to join the board of Urban Promise International at their Annual Board Meeting in San Diego. Joining the board is the next exciting step in her 20 year relationship with the non profit.

Salvation army national meeting

In April, Dr. Donnelly spoke about busy-ness and setting boundaries at the Salvation Army National Conference in Kansas City. 

doing good business podcast

Also this April, Dr. Donnelly was asked to join the Doing Good Business Podcast. She spoke in her capacity of COO for Abbey Companies and talked about the companies policies of open hiring practices!

alliance of baptists general conference

This April, Dr. Donnelly spoke at the Alliance of Baptists General Conference in Washington D.C. She was invited to speak about her expertise in religious liberty at a conference event. 

guest lecturing at pitt

This March, Dr. Hinson guest lectured on her academic expertise for Dr. Tony Novosel's class in the Department of History at the University of Pittsburgh.

tribe of leaders podcast

Dr. Donnelly spoke about her top management lessons - including delegation and limits - for the Tribe of Leaders podcast in March 2019.

gourmet getaway fundraiser

Also in March, Dr. Donnelly helped run one of the biggest events for the Women in Business Committee in her role as co-chair. The Gourmet Getaway is always a huge success and lots of fun!

Emerging Leaders panel

In February 2019, Dr. Donnelly was asked to facilitate a panel on emerging leadership in the specialty chemical industry for SOCMA in Ft. Worth.

Financial Planners Forum

The Good Doctors were privileged to speak to the FPA's Annual ``Four``um in Pittsburgh in November 2018 about using emotional intelligence to managing client relationships. 

Authority  Interview

In October 2018, Dr. Donnelly was interviewed in Authority Magazine about her journey as a C-Suite leader who also happens to be a woman.

Guest Columnist

Dr. Donnelly is a frequent contributor to local publications on the impact of gender on the workplace. Pictured here is one such article from Outlook Magazine, published by the Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce.

Doing research for the market

In August 2018, The Good Doctors spoke at the American Sociological Association's Annual Conference in Philly about the challenges of translating social science research language to the marketplace.

Sexism in Religious Groups

Dr. Donnelly is regarded as a subject matter expert on sexism in Protestant organizations. In August 2018, she was invited to present on a panel discussing the #churchtoo movement.

women in business co-chair

In May 2018, Dr. Donnelly was named Co-Chair of the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Committee. The largest networking and service group of its kind in the area, WiB provides education, empowerment, and relationships to women throughout Bucks County.

community cultural events

The Good Doctors love attending cultural events and lending their support to the community. Here they are at a gallery opening of Henrietta Wyeth's works at the Michener Museum in Doylestown, PA in April 2018.

big talk podcast

In March 2018, Dr. Donnelly was a guest on The Big Talk podcast. She spoke about how the ultimate job of a speaker is to respect their audience and to tell them a really good story.

Entrepreneur of the year finalist

In 2018, Dr. Donnelly was named (along with her brother, Brian, and her father, Roger) a finalist in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year for Philadelphia in the category of family business. They remain honored to be recognized among such an illustrative cohort.

ellevate breakfast

Dr. Donnelly and Dr. Hinson met up with some of their fellow Ellevate members for a breakfast in February 2018. Dr. Donnelly was asked to give remarks on the #metoo movement and abuses of power.

entrepreneur podcast interview

Dr. Donnelly was interviewed by Eric Dye of the Entrepreneur Podcast Network in January of 2018. They talked about company culture and employee engagement.

bccc women's summit

Joined by Dr. Hinson and AR Intern Maria, Dr. Donnelly spoke about emotional intelligence as a key element to leadership at Bucks County Community College's Women's Summit on Entrepreneurship in September 2017.

bjc religious liberty fellow

The Baptist Joint Committee on Religious Liberty is the only nonpartisan group invested in protecting religious liberty as enshrined in the constitution. Dr. Donnelly was honored to be selected as one of their 2017 Fellows; a prestigious program which draws from young professionals around the country.

rated g summit

In June 2017, Dr. Donnelly spoke about millennial integration into multi-generational workspaces (this topic is a frequent request!) at an event for the Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce.

management award

In March of 2017, Dr. Donnelly was named one of the top management executives in the city of Philadelphia - recognized for her leadership both inside the company and in the wider community.

common purpose

Dr. Donnelly is a frequent speaker at Global Leadership Experience events run by Common Purpose. University students in Leeds, Exeter, New York City, and Philadelphia have heard her speak on the importance of knowing yourself to lead others.

the trampoline talk

Far and away, the most frequent talk The Good Doctors give is on Dr. Donnelly's theory of life as a trampoline. Base, springs, bouncy bit, net - the four components of emotional intelligence. Curious? You're not alone!

university of pittsburgh

Dr. Hinson is a regular contributor to Dr. Tony Novosel's courses on Northern Ireland in the History Department. She talks to students about her research expertise, her own experiences living and working abroad, and the importance of historical context.

Curious about any of the above? Think either or both of The Good Doctors would be a good fit for your event, conference, group, or podcast? Click here to get the conversation started. We can’t wait to learn with you!

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