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Speaker Bios 

Dr. Kristen

  • Radical Hospitality
  • Inter-Generational Leadership
  • Understanding Trauma

The Good Doctors

  • Authentic Inclusivity
  • Understanding Trauma
  • Unlearning Exhaustion

Dr. Erin

  • Working with Introverts
  • Conflict Management
  • Understanding Trauma

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Where We've Been!

empowered authenticity podcast

The Good Doctors join the Empowered Authenticity podcast for their first joint podcast interview! They had a great conversation about lots of important topics!

One Day you'll thank me podcast

We believe passionately that we have to start teaching empathy at a young age. Dr. K was delighted to join Dr. Tara Regan to talk about how we teach empathy to kids - and why it's so important. 



One of Dr. Kristen's favorite people to talk to is our dear friend Tricia Brouk. She joined The Big Talk podcast in December to talk about how you can learn to speak with courage and humility. 

amazing entrepreneurs club podcast

In The Good Doctors first joint podcast appearance, they were so happy to spend a few minutes talking about how we can have empathy during the holidays. 

amazing entrepreneurs club podcast

Dr. Kristen joined Sid to talk about her journey as an entrepreneur, why we started Abbey Research, and what her top 3 tips are for entrepreneurs just starting out!

linen hall library lecture series

To close out November, Dr. Erin spoke about aspects of her PhD research for the Library's Northern Ireland Political Collection Lecture Series. If you want to learn more about her work, this is a great talk!

a template for compassionate inclusion article

We were delighted to see that Dr. Kristen's TEDx South Lake Tahoe talk resonated so much with Nate Regier at Next Element! We believe these ideas are a such a great conversation starter!

flourishing workplace podcast

Expanding on the idea from her first TEDx talk (South Lake Tahoe with link below) - Dr. K was happy to join another podcast and discuss how tolerance is passive, and we have to activate inclusivity in order to make real change. 


Have you been wondering what we mean by radical inclusivity? Have a listen to Dr. K's chat on the Wake Up with KC podcast where she breaks down why tolerance is failing us and what we can do to fix it. 


Dr. Kristen has given three TEDx talks between May and October of 2021. If you're interested in giving a TEDx talk, check out her feature in Lioness Magazine where she gives out all her best advice!

Access to anyone podcast

This conversation ran the gamut from leadership in COVID times to what pop culture can teach us about how we can all be better humans. It's a podcast you don't want to miss!

tedx farmingdale

Dr. Kristen took her second TEDx stage in early October. Speaking about how we should (and shouldn't) handle collective trauma. It's a vitally necessary talk as we live through this ongoing pandemic. 

straight talk no sugar added podcast

Want to hear about radical inclusive hospitality instead of reading about it? We've got it covered in all formats - it's one of the most important ideas we think you need to know. 

Thrive global community post

We're convinced we can all be better humans if we practice radical, inclusive hospitality. This means we have to work at recognizing the humanity in others. 


Being a female founder puts Dr. Kristen in some rare company. She's got thoughts and feelings and 5 things you need to know about what she's learned so far. 

lioness feature on the culture cast

We were delighted to have The Culture Cast featured as a cool cast for entrepreneurs in a September edition of Lioness Magazine - check it and the pod out!

coffee with kerry podcast

If you've never heard the story of how Dr. Kristen ended up in Northern Ireland, you don't want to miss her fun and wide-ranging chat with Kerry!

Mid-career gps podcast

Dr. K joins this fun and important podcast to share our ideas about tolerance, real inclusivity, and the hard work it takes to move past diversity as a goal. 

the logical manifestor podcast

In this podcast interview, Dr. K breaks down the 'normal' myth and why it can prevent you from really understanding humans from diverse backgrounds and places. 

big beautiful badasses podcast

Dr. Kristen loves talking about her TED experiences! This is a great conversation about what it's like to live out her dreams in the big red circle!

marketing tips forbes article

The workplace is constantly changing, and so are the best methods for marketing to your target audience. Don't miss this key read!

philanthropic forbes article

We know that Corporate Social Responsibility is a huge recruitment tool for businesses - learn some key tips from Dr. K in her latest for Forbes!

biznation podcast with kerry zarb

Dr. K was featured on this small business focused podcast. She talked about the process of ownership transition in her family business. 

the good around us podcast

We talk about inclusivity all the time, but what do we mean? Join Dr. Kristen in conversation to learn what we mean by 'being inclusive.'

Audacious intent podcast

Dr. K was delighted to talk with Imani Harris about what it means to be human - and how we can all do it a bit better! Follow to link to hear more!

remote work forbes article

Dr. Kristen is a proud member of the Forbes Business Council. She contributed to this recent article on remote team productivity - don't miss it!

The S Word Podcast

We always say that curiosity is a superpower. Don't miss Dr. K explain what we mean in her guest appearance on The S Word's podcast!

medium/ellevate article

Dr. Kristen wrote about her first steps onto a TEDx stage for Ellevate Network. Read more about her journey toward self-belief below!

Out of the fog PODCAST

Don't miss the Out of the Fog podcast where Dr. K talks everything curiosity - even our love of Bridgerton and what we learned from it!


Dr. Kristen joins Genesis Amaris Kemp to talk about the problem of tolerance, why it's holding us back, and what we can do about it!

navigating two worlds PODCAST

On this podcast conversation, Dr. Kristen shares her thoughts on unpacking white privilege and how we can practice authentic inclusivity.


We believe strongly in the power of intercultural creativity and curiosity. Here Dr. Kristen explains our philosophy!


If you want to learn why Dr. Kristen believes clarity is a journey, not a destination - check out this fascinating conversation!


Don't miss Dr. Kristen's fab conversation on this exciting podcast! She shares why curiosity is a super power!

JKWD podcast

Dr. Kristen loved her conversation with Josh and Kelvin! Don't miss her thoughts on how we can all bring more kindness into our lives!

brainz magazine interview

In other fabulous interview with our colleague Tricia Brouk, Dr. Kristen shares lessons in shame and vulnerability with her readers!

thrive global article

Already featured in Authority Magazine, don't miss Dr. Kristen's second appearance in Thrive Global - talking about all things emotional intelligence!

authority magazine article

Dr. Kristen breaks down what you need to know about emotional intelligence in her latest article for Authority Magazine - click the link below to read more!

fraternity foodie podcast

Dr. Kristen turns her focus on empathy to an insightful chat with Greek University about college campuses and the cultural crisis of sexual assault. 

she owns success podcast

Dr. Kristen had a fabulous conversation on this pod! Listen in to hear her thoughts on reframing diversity and inclusion conversations and trainings!

tedx south

lake tahoe

In May, Dr. Kristen had the immense privilege of stepping onto the stage and into the TEDx red circle with her talk on radical hospitality, empathy, and inclusivity. 

daily writer Podcast

Dr. Kristen joined Success Coach Keiya Rayne on the podcast. She talked about how writing helps her build empathy and engage with others!

swaay online interview

Read more about Dr. Kristen's thoughts on the power of inclusivity and why tolerance is causing more harm than good!

Money loves women podcast

Dr. Kristen joined the Money Loves Women podcast in April to talk about the difference between tolerance and empathy!

The Big Talk Podcast

Dr. Kristen spoke with Tricia Brouk about The Failure of Tolerance and what it means to practice radical hospitality!

Equity and Justice in Thrive Global

Also in April, Dr. Kristen spoke with Tricia Brouk for Thrive Global. It's a wide-ranging conversation on equity and health. 

Natfluence interview

Moving to April, NatFluence profiled Dr. Kristen on their site and she got to talk about curiosity as a superpower!

Heavily Meditated podcast

Also premiering in March is Dr. Kristen's conversation on love and inclusivity on the Heavily Meditated podcast!

the other side of potential podcast

Dr. Kristen is often invited on to podcasts from around the world. In March, she spoke with Dr. Sharon Spano about diversity, inclusivity, and community!

The Big Talk Virtual Showcase

To start 2021, Dr. Kristen was delighted to present for The Big Talk Academy's Virtual Showcase. Her talk 'The Failure of Tolerance' was a smash success - so watch it above!


In November 2020, Dr. Erin got to share her love of murals, Northern Ireland, and history with the National Consortium for Teaching About Asia. You can watch her fabulous talk above!

Guest lecturing at Pitt

Also in October, Dr. Erin taught in two classes for Dr. Tony Novosel's history class on Northern Ireland. She sat on a panel of experts as well as teaching a separate class with another engaging group of students.

PANO 2020 collaborative conference

Dr. Kristen is a frequent speaker at the Pennsylvania Association of NonProfits annual conference. In October 2020, she gave the virtual workshop 'Why Your Diversity Initiative Is (Probably) Useless.'

Common purpose Q&A Workshop

In July, Dr. Kristen spoke with her colleagues at Common Purpose. In an online workshop she answered questions about emotional intelligence and leadership. 

Guest lecturing at Pitt

Two weeks later, Dr. Erin taught for Dr. Novosel's Loyal Rebels history class. With the state in lockdown, she taught via Zoom to an enthusiastic, if virtual, student group.

Guest lecturing at Pitt

At the start of March, Dr. Erin returned to her bi-annual speaking engagement for Dr. Tony Novosel's history class at the University of Pittsburgh. She taught for over an hour and then led a lively Q&A session.

Power of No Workshop

At the end of February, The Good Doctors hosted a workshop on personal and professional boundary setting in Doylestown, PA.

4 Corners festival - belfast, ni 

They were in Belfast to participate in the 4 Corners Festival, which Dr. Kristen is closely involved in. They attended events throughout the week and left inspired for another year!

prisons memory  workshop

The end of January had The Good Doctors in Belfast for work. They participated in a fantastic Prisons Memory Archive workshop the day they landed - right in Dr. Erin's research area!

Guest lecturing at Pitt

To start 2020, Dr. Kristen lectured for Dr. Tony Novosel's 'Ireland's Loyal Rebels' History course at the University of Pittsburgh in January. 

research publication

Into October, Dr. Erin celebrated the publication of an article in the latest edition of the Global Discourse online journal. This article shares some findings from her PhD research subjects. 

art & community in prison

In June 2019, Dr. Erin spoke at the Institutions in Irish History Conference held at the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland in Belfast about part of her PhD research.  

doing good business podcast

Also this April, Dr. Kristen was asked to join the Doing Good Business Podcast. She spoke in her capacity of COO for Abbey Companies and talked about the companies policies of open hiring practices!

tribe of leaders podcast

Dr. Kristen spoke about her top management lessons - including delegation and limits - for the Tribe of Leaders podcast in March 2019.

Authority  Interview

In October 2018, Dr. Kristen was interviewed in Authority Magazine about her journey as a C-Suite leader who also happens to be a woman.

big talk podcast

In March 2018, Dr. Kristen was a guest on The Big Talk podcast. She spoke about how the ultimate job of a speaker is to respect their audience and to tell them a really good story.

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