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What are the top problems you face at work? We've asked this question to colleagues, clients, and the internet. 

Below are links to our Abbey Research White Papers - quality research, concise information, and quick tips!

COVID-19 Business 

The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly changing business operations and economies around the world. Download our White Paper - we're hoping to calm some panic with practicable tips for what to do. 

COVID-19 Social

As the COVID-19 Global pandemic reaches new scales every day, we are seeing a drastic disruption to our social lives. Get our White Paper to see our discussion of long-term changes and what we can do!

COVID-19 Coping

We know that the COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on mental health. We want to talk about lessons we've learned from conflict zones and share some coping strategies we think are helpful!

COVID-19 Remote 

Many workers around the world are working from home as a result of COVID-19 shutdowns. Our free White Paper asks tough questions and provides actionable tips for managers during these difficult circumstances.

Managing Remote Work

Do you have the latest research on remote working? Check out our White Paper analyzing the latest data on this growing trend. Plus get our 5 tips for managing remote workers and fostering an inclusive remote culture!

Remote Work Tech Tools

We're all learning a lot about remote working in the last few weeks and months. All the technological tools can be intimidating, but we've created a short and simple White Paper to help you find the best tools for you and your remote colleagues!

Diversity and Inclusion

We think most offices are failing at diversity and inclusion. We break down why and give you 4 direct steps to take to start having the difficult but necessary conversations about diversity and inclusion!

Gender Dynamics

With all the talk about #metoo, we wrote a white paper that looks at the key debates about gender. What is harassment? What is the wage gap? Find all that plus our 4 steps you can take now!

Conflict Management

What are the best methods for managing conflict in your office? We give you our expert tips on the most effective models. We also share the top 4 steps to better conflict management!

Millennial Myth-Busting

Do all Millennials expect pool tables and ice cream machines at work? We give you current research about generations in the workplace. We also share the top 4 values Millennials want to see in their employers!

Manufacturing Job Gap

One of the biggest industrial job gaps is in new manufacturing. Most Millennials don't consider this an option because of a perception and pipeline problem. We cover all this and give you 3 tips on how to attract Millennial workers!

Managing Introverts

Do you know who your office introverts are? Are you meeting their needs both in work environment and job expectations? If you want answers to these questions we've got you covered. Plus 4 ways to make your office introvert friendly!

Understanding Bias

Bias is perhaps the buzziest of buzzwords - but what does it mean? We define the term and talk about common types you might be seeing in your office. We also give you 5 specific strategies to address bias in your workplace!

Employee Engagement

When was the last time you updated your employee engagement program? We've got the research on why you need to have a pragmatic approach plus our top 5 tips how!

Stay tuned for more White Papers coming throughout 2020!

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