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If you're not sure why you should work with The Good Doctors - we've gathered a few testimonials from past clients! We hope they will show you how we work and how we can help you solve your business problems!

They care about you and your organization ...

Tara Murray

Abbey Research will permanently hold the title of “most-trusted advisor” in my work and life. Their passion for understanding how people work and how they are motivated is unmatched. This is what makes Dr. Donnelly and her team so good at what they do. They’re on a mission for truth and they’ll never say “Uncle”. They have the innate ability to gather insights from even the most skeptical, guarded employee. Their authenticity, compassion, and professionalism provide the foundation for honest conversations, giving them the ability to gather real insights that can be translated into action. The Dr.’s are world-class researchers, all-the-while being just the best kind of people. Their passion and dedication are inspiring. I am so grateful for their partnership and I look forward to the next question that we will answer together. So in short…hire them. Today. You’ll be so glad you did!

They create interactive and impactful events ... 

Julie Golden

I recently had the pleasure of engaging Kristen and Erin for a workshop on emotional intelligence at our company's annual team event. We have had speakers at these meetings before, but this presentation was the most interesting one we've had yet. Kristen and Erin have a wonderful rapport with each other and the audience. The 90 minutes flew by, filled with interesting, entertaining and educational takeaways. I walked away smiling and really thinking about how we communicate as a team and how I can and should relate with people in my work life and beyond. I would highly encourage anyone who is looking to engage their team, address conflict or just get their team communicating in a healthier way to consider bringing these two professionals into their fold.

They produce high quality results ...

Over the past year I have recommended Abbey Research to many of my friends and clients from both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. One reason I endorse Abbey Research is because they exist to serve smaller businesses and organizations by making high quality research accessible and affordable.  Limited resources require maximum returns and the insights that Abbey Research provide serve to maximize those limited resources. You are not too big or too small to discover what you don’t know so before making that next big decision I would encourage you to contact Abbey Research. I’m glad I did.

They ask the right questions ... 

Dan Sheldon

We knew the goal of our project, but had no clear idea of how to get there. Dr. Donnelly was able to help us define our question and identify the best way to answer it. She and her team provided a highly professional service throughout the process, and provided a thoughtful and helpful analysis of the information she gathered. We are thankful to have this clarity as we move our organization forward.

They help you solve your most vital problems ...

Steve Graves

The adage, ‘You don’t know what you don’t know,’ is true in business as well as life. Dr. Donnelly and her team helped us revise our annual customer survey to draw out new information regarding our customers. In addition, their research regarding our markets helped balance our desires to serve new markets with our goals to continuing to provide excellent service to our existing customers. As a result, we’re in a much better position moving forward.

They turn results into actions ... 

I meet with a group of business owners and CEOs monthly. One of our axioms is, “The truth is always your friend”.  Abbey Research helped us not only find the truth about key areas of our donor’s experience, but also see how we can take concrete steps based on their findings to make that experience the best we can. As a leader, I can ask questions all I want. But sometimes answers flow easier to a third-party. And sometimes the interpretation of those answers is clearer to someone who is passionate for my success, but dispassionate enough to help me without bias. Abbey Research proved to be a wise partner in obtaining the truth we needed to know and giving clarity in then turning truth into understanding and understanding into action.

They build trust with their clients ...

Dr. Katherine McAleese

Mind to Win

They are clear and impactful speakers ... 

Tina McIntyre

Kristen has been invited to speak on many Common Purpose programs and she has been fabulous every time! No matter what the setting or who the audience is, Kristen has an amazing ability to engage with people. Her extensive knowledge and experience coupled with her honest, direct and humorous delivery is a winning combination. I look forward to working with Kristen many more times to come!

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