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If you're not sure why you should work with The Good Doctors - we've gathered a few testimonials from past clients, workshop attendees, YouTube devotees, and podcast subscribers. 


Speaking Coach 

Abbey Research will permanently hold the title of “most-trusted advisor” in my work and life.

Tara murray - benjamin obdyke

Their passion for understanding how people work and how they are motivated is unmatched. This is what makes Dr. Donnelly and her team so good at what they do. They’re on a mission for truth and they’ll never say “Uncle.” They have the innate ability to gather insights from even the most skeptical, guarded employee. Their authenticity, compassion, and professionalism provide the foundation for honest conversations, giving them the ability to gather real insights that can be translated into action. The Dr.’s are world-class researchers, all-the-while being just the best kind of people. Their passion and dedication are inspiring. I am so grateful for their partnership and I look forward to the next question that we will answer together. So in short … hire them. Today. You’ll be so glad you did!

From our workshops ...

Multi-model approach to learning! Interesting, fun and interactive. Challenges traditional beliefs and encourages critical thinking. 

emotional intelligence workshop participant

Infusing humor into a serious subject. Such a wonderful, ENERGETIC, interactive presentation. I really appreciated the presenter knowing when to stop. My brain needed to absorb, focus, and process all the information. 

diversity workshop participant

The talk was very informative and interactive. It allows you to be introspective and consider things we don't usually think about regarding how we do inclusion.

diversity workshop participant

mari carmen pizzaro

whole leadership systems. inc. 

I recently had the pleasure of engaging Kristen and Erin for a workshop on emotional intelligence at our company's annual team event. Kristen and Erin have a wonderful rapport with each other and the audience. The 90 minutes flew by, filled with interesting, entertaining and educational takeaways. I walked away smiling and really thinking about how we communicate as a team and how I can and should relate with people in my work life and beyond. I would highly encourage anyone who is looking to engage their team, address conflict or just get their team communicating in a healthier way to consider bringing these two professionals into their fold.

We have had speakers at these meetings before, but this presentation was the most interesting one we've had yet.

julie golden - square 2 marketing

From our YouTube content ...

welcome to my world comment

Thank you for the pronoun conversation! I am cis, she/her/hers and I am practicing addressing my pronouns on a daily basis.

Really excited to see you guys again for Handmaid's Tale. I have watched all your videos on that series though I'm not one to comment on YouTube often. I always appreciate your commentary on the deeper narratives of the show, often far deeper than the writers' at times.

the handmaid's tale comment

the good doctors diagnose comment

Thank you for all the knowledge and empathy! I love becoming a better person by watching your content!

I love Dr. Donnelly’s sarcasm. Her facial expressions are EVERYTHING! I do the same thing when I’m explaining something ... I love this channel. I come here after every episode! Thank for helping me better understand what’s going on! Subscribing!

the crown


alexis fuentes

international women's leadership academy 

Kristen Donnelly is an exceptionally dynamic and thoughtful speaker.

tricia brouk - speaking coach

She commands the space while also maintaining an intimate connection with her audience. Her years of study and humble curiosity create the perfect container to talk about hard things. Her TEDx talk on tolerance is one of my favorite talks of all time. I highly recommend Dr. Donnelly as a speaker, educator and facilitator.

From our podcast ...

great podcast!

The Good Doctors really opened my eyes to a lot of things I could be doing better to help others and think about how what we consume impacts society and culture. It feels like sitting down for a call with my two best friends over coffee, love them!

download, listen, and repeat!!! then share it with everybody!

The Good Doctors Kristen and Erin are always amazing! I've been in love with their YouTube channel and I'm so glad they have a podcast with all this amazing information and entertainment. Everything they talk about is not only funny and entertaining, but they share such valuable and much needed information with the world. One of my new favorite podcasts!

must listen!

The Good Doctors not only educate me on a variety of different topics from world news and events to who would win a fight between Captain America or Batman, but they also bring a lot of humor and empathy to their teachings as well. I follow them on social, and am so excited they have a podcast (finally)!

No matter what the setting or who the audience is, Kristen has an amazing ability to engage with people.

tina mcintyre - common purpose

Kristen has been invited to speak on many Common Purpose programs and she has been fabulous every time! Her extensive knowledge and experience coupled with her honest, direct and humorous delivery is a winning combination. I look forward to working with Kristen many more times to come!

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