Women in Ireland: Dr. Julie Norman

Women in Ireland: Dr. Julie Norman

Greetings all! We hope you had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day weekend (if you celebrated) and that you’ve recovered in time for Monday morning work. We’re coming to you with our second edition of our Women in Ireland series, covering women researchers working on the island of Ireland. 

For today’s post, Dr. Hinson spoke to Dr. Julie Norman, who is a Research Fellow at Queen’s University Belfast’s Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice (quite a mouthful). Dr. Norman is a leader in her field and is one of the most impressive researchers working at Queen’s currently. Dr. Norman’s research interests include non-violent and violent resistance movements, forms of detention in protracted conflicts, and prison-based resistance, as well as youth radicalization. Her work has taken her all over the Middle East, including Israel, Palestine, and Lebanon, and her current research includes comparative work with areas in the Middle East, Northern Ireland, and South Africa.

Follow this link to learn more about Dr. Norman’s work and join us next week for our final installation of our Women in Ireland series where we will be talking to another leading lady researcher from the island of Ireland! 

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