Women in Ireland: Dr. Órfhlaith Campbell

Women in Ireland: Dr. Órfhlaith Campbell

Happy Monday, everyone! Welcome to our third and final installment of our Women in Ireland video series! Each week we’ve shared with you leading voices of women researchers working in and on Ireland. Our final interview with Dr. Órfhlaith Campbell goes beyond the first two, discussing the importance of studying history and how the discipline contributes to deeper understandings of humanity. Dr. Campbell spoke about her PhD research into the Irish Temperance League and anti-drink movement in Ireland, which filled a significant gap in the history of Ireland. Dr. Campbell continues her interest in Addiction Studies with her work at the British Columbia Nurse Union while she spends time working and living abroad. It was a fascinating conversation to be sure!!

We hope you’ve learned from and enjoyed our celebration of Women’s History Month and Irish-American Heritage Month with these leading ladies in the field of Irish research. Look out for more innovative and exciting content about leading ladies throughout the year!

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