Women’s History Month: Lisa McGee

Women’s History Month: Lisa McGee

Welcome to Abbey Research’s joint celebration of Women’s History Month and Irish-American Heritage Month. In order to celebrate both those auspicious occasions, we have selected four Irish women for our blog. Each Wednesday, just like with Black History Month, we’ll be profiling an Irish woman. We’ve chosen two contemporary women and two women from history.

For our first Women’s History blog, we’re talking about Northern Irish stage and screenwriter Lisa McGee. We chose Lisa for our first profile because she is the writer of one of our favorite shows ‘Derry Girls.’ The first season is currently on Netflix in the US, and the second season premiered last night in the UK and Ireland – making it the perfect time to share our love of Lisa!

Elizabeth (Lisa) McGee was born in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland where she attended Thornhill College. She graduated from Queen’s University Belfast in 2002 with a BA in Drama. McGee’s plays include Jump, The Heights, Nineteen Ninety Two, and Girls and Dolls (which won both the Stewart Parker Award and the Blackburn Prize). Her TV credits include The Things I Haven’t Told You, Being Human, and Raw. 

In January 2018, the UK’s Channel 4 released her show ‘Derry Girls.’ Set in her hometown in the 1990s, ‘Derry Girls’ follows the lives of 5 teenagers, dealing with ordinary and extraordinary life experiences. Based on her own childhood growing up in Derry, the show has resonated with audiences around the world, and won a host of TV awards in both the UK and Ireland. The show highlights the normal life of the teens, even though they grew up in the completely abnormal society of a prolonged civil conflict. There is a universality to their everyday lives, while the show is also delightfully and uniquely Irish in its humor and Northern Irish in some of its subject matter. There aren’t many stories that showcase the lives of girls and women during the conflict in Northern Ireland, which is one of a million reasons why we love the show!

You can learn more about Lisa here.

Here is the trailer for the first and second seasons of Derry Girls. We’ve also made a primer to help you understand the historical context of the show, which you can find here.

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