Women’s History Month: Nano Reid

Women’s History Month: Nano Reid

In our continuing celebration of Irish women during Women’s History Month, today’s blog is introducing landscape and portrait painter Nano Reid. Born Ann Margaret Reid in Drogheda, Ireland, Reid is considered one of the best Irish painters of the 20th Century (pictured above, far left).

She studied at the Metropolitan School of Art in Dublin, where she encountered many other contemporary early 20th century painters. In 1927, she traveled to Paris to continue her training. From Paris she moved to London, but soon returned to Ireland for the remainder of her career.

Reid’s paintings are abstract but recognizable renderings of the Irish landscape. Her friendship with Belfast-born painter Gerard Dillon (pictured above) shows how their styles influenced and informed each other. Reid regularly had works in the Royal Hibernian Academy’s yearly shows but in 1950 she joined Nora McGuinness as the first Irish artists to exhibit in the renowned Venice Biannale exhibition.

Prolific during her lifetime, she exhibited around Ireland and the UK throughout her career. In 1974, the Arts Council and the Northern Ireland Arts Council staged a major retrospective of her work. Though she died in 1981, galleries and museums around Ireland continued to hold retrospectives of her work throughout the decade, illustrating her lasting legacy on Irish art.

Join us next week for our look at Sabina Coyle, the wife of the President of Ireland.


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