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Dr. Donnelly and Dr. Hinson are available to speak to your organization or group on a wide-range of topics. We bring our academic training and professional experiences into every presentation, giving you the most complete understanding of complex issues. 

We can also tailor each presentation, seminar, or lunch-and-learn to the specifics of your company culture. Below you will find a brief introduction to the workshops we present. Dr. Donnelly is also available to present any of these workshop topics as a keynote address. You can find an updated speaking schedule here OR in the drop-down under this page!

As always, if you have any specific questions about how we can help, please do get in touch!

Why We're Failing at Diversity:

A New Take on Hard (and Healing) Conversations

Diversity and inclusion are two of the biggest business buzzwords you can find. Drs. Donnelly and Hinson present a workshop covering what it takes to have an inclusive workplace culture. Your culture is already diverse - because you probably employ people who come from varied life experiences, ethnic groups, religions, races, classes, genders, and abilities. 

The true test comes in how you make all these different people feel included in your culture. This workshop deals with the importance of emotional intelligence, curiosity, and active listening. Participants will leave with practical tips for creating inclusive policies that fully represent your diverse culture. 

The talk was very informative and interactive. It allows you to be introspective and consider things we don't usually think about regarding how we do inclusion.

Participant Feedback

Infusing humor into a serious subject. Such a wonderful, ENERGETIC, interactive presentation. I really appreciated the presenter knowing when to stop. My brain needed to absorb, focus and process all the information.

Participant feedback

​Good reminder to create a safe space for everyone - clients and co-workers. Excellent presenter.

participant feedback

Against the Tyranny of Busy-ness: Focusing on Self-Care

Self-care is such a popular notion that it's become a global industry. But how do you find time for self-care in a world that awards busy-ness, hustle, and overwork? In Dr. Donnelly's presentation on self-care, she looks at the toxic ways we frame work and what damage this can do to your ability to care for yourself and others. 

The goal of the workshop is to help you understand the damage caused by busy-ness. It provides practical steps for introducing self-care into your daily life, without creating a hierarchy based on 'good' or 'bad' methods of self-care. 

The presenter was fabulous! She was engaging and kind, so accepting and validated that no one is perfect, we all have flaws and to give ourselves more grace.

Participant Feedback

The best self-care presentation thus far. 

Participant feedback

Thank you for the gift of reminding me to care for me. 

participant feedback

​Conflict Management 101

Every office has conflict, and if they are not managed properly they can escalate into severe conflicts and even legal issues. Drs. Donnelly and Hinson offer a workshop introducing key models of conflict management and teach you to identify the best method for each conflict.

With over 20 years experience working in conflict zones, each workshop includes their insights into the most effective conflict management strategies. Participants will be able to grasp various strategies and leave with pragmatic tips for using them in your office. 

What I liked most about this training was the honesty and openness, that helped us have a real day-to-day conflict discussion. 

Participant Feedback

Much needed topic - loved that it was interactive.

Participant feedback

She is wonderful! Thank you! I would love to hear from her again. 

participant feedback

On the Importance of Trampolines: Understanding Emotional Intelligence

One of our most requested topics is Dr. Donnelly's trampoline talk on emotional intelligence. In this talk, Dr. Donnelly introduces reflexivity and emotional intelligence. She uses the concept of a trampoline - the base, the springs, the bouncy bit, and the net - to describe how you can better understand your motivations, goals, and perceptions. 

The goal of this workshop is to teach you how to lead others through taking time to know yourself. Workshop participants will learn new strategies to manage their emotional intelligence and be better equipped to step into strategic leadership positions. 


We have had speakers at these meetings before, but this presentation was the most interesting one we've had yet. Kristen and Erin have a wonderful rapport with each other and the audience. The 90 minutes flew by, filled with interesting, entertaining and educational takeaways. I walked away smiling and really thinking about how we communicate as a team and how I can and should relate with people in my work life and beyond.

Julie golden

president and executive creative director, square 2 marketing

Discrimination at Work: Understanding Implicit Bias

In-work trainings on bias and discrimination are very popular across all fields and industries. Drs. Donnelly and Hinson's tailor their workshop on bias to your specific industry or field. Understanding implicit bias - how it works and how it impacts interpersonal relationships is essential to managing discrimination at work.

This workshop starts from the perspective of self-awareness. It breaks down key concepts and helps each participant better understand their own implicit biases. Participants will leave the workshop with several strategies for handling implicit bias in a range of situations. 


In corporate culture, understanding the implicit biases of your team, and the implicit biases of yourself as a leader, the implicit biases of your organization, and perhaps even the implicit biases of the products that you sell is very important to be able to understand.

DR. kristen donnelly Excerpt from 'discrimination at work: understanding implicit bias'

What You Need to Know About Gender Related Issues

As women who have worked in fields and industries around the world, Drs. Donnelly and Hinson are passionate about teaching awareness of gender related issues. Their workshop offers an introduction to key concepts about gender and what you need to understand in order to make space for diverse gender expressions in your office. 

Participants in this workshop will leave with a clear definition of gender from an academic viewpoint. They will also be equipped to handle issues of discrimination, bias, and harassment that might be gender related. 


All you have to do is watch episodes of The Amazing Race to understand that gender looks different around the world. That’s really important to remember, especially if you’re dealing with a work environment that has people from different cultures. 

DR. erin hinson Excerpt from 'what you need to know about gender related issues'

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