Your Team: The Oft Unsung Heroes of Goals

Your Team: The Oft Unsung Heroes of Goals


Welcome back to our Fresh Year, Fresh Start series. We’ve covered making goals strategic, measurable, and achievable. We have two more letters to go: relatable and timely.

The “R” in SMART usually stands for things like ‘relevant’ – making sure that they make sense for what’s happening in your world at this moment. That is so important, but we put that into the “T” of timely and spend “R” focusing on our team instead.

Abbey Research does not believe that any achievement is a solo effort. PhDs are sold as completely solo adventures – you are the expert in your question, you write the book, you defend it. However, we learned those things only scratch the surface and they are the fruits of a lot of labor. We were both supported by our families, our friends, our research participants, supervisors, critics, conference co-presenters, and a beautiful restaurant called Molly’s Yard in Belfast that always made sure we could get a table. We don’t see how any other goals are any different – you get things done with a tribe.

So, what piece of your goals this year acknowledge them? Who do you need to get help from? Who is holding you accountable and do they understand where you want and need to go? Do they know what’s going on?

We’re nearing the end of January and we’ve had a few conversations with folks who are still finalizing the 2018 goals. This piece is a particularly good one to evaluate and we’d encourage you to do so today.

Next up: timely.

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